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We specialise in content strategy and content creation to drive meaningful conversations with your targets and – bottom line – make more money for your business.

Our process


What do you want to achieve? Who are you trying to reach? You’ll get a dedicated writing team to help you agree on a way forward.

We talk to you to understand your company, your customers and what you want to achieve. Our finance team can manage any onboarding required for new clients.

Then we pull together your requirements into a statement of work and once you are happy we’ll assign you a named writing team. Depending on the size and nature of the project this could be as small as a writer and editor working together. For our largest clients, we have over a dozen of our full-time team, plus freelancers, across the programme. We’ll also confirm content format, word length and other criteria.


After talking to you we’ll write a brief outline of the final piece. This is a chance to fine-tune what the piece will be about and how it will be written.

Our editor typically has a second call with you or a subject matter expert. This helps us understand what we want to communicate and your view on it. After this call we’ll write a short abstract. The abstract will highlight our understanding of the content asset you’d like us to create and any outstanding questions we have. The abstract is an opportunity for you to confirm we’ve understood correctly and a chance for you to course correct if we haven’t. We won’t start writing until you’re happy with the abstract.


We’ll get a first draft back with you at an agreed time. Everything we write goes through a three-stage quality assurance process before you read it.

We’ll agree on a time frame for delivery of the first version of the asset, whether it’s a blog, case study, white paper or something else. After finishing the first draft, the asset is edited by a second editor to determine whether it makes sense and delivers against what the abstract promised. Then it’s proofread by a third editor to find and remove any final typos and ensure it matches your brand’s writing style guidelines. Then we’ll share a client version with you.


Typically we’ll work on a couple of versions before getting it right. This part is a collaboration between the writing team and your team.

We sometimes get it right the first time but most of the time we work through a couple of versions with you to get the messaging and content right. We’ll collaborate with you on the changes we need to make to get to a point where you are happy with the draft. We’re happy to work on three versions of the asset as part of the agreed cost. If it goes to a version four or beyond we’ll refer to a sliding cost scale that we shared in the statement of work.

What we do

We help companies cut through the thousands of messages that bombard business people every day. We provide strategy and we provide content – joined to your other marketing activities and in line with your goals.


For those in business, B2B content marketing is about being useful.


Collective Content offers a full range of services from experts who live and breathe content marketing.

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We can help you with content strategy and development of all kinds.

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What does the latest research tell us about content marketing?

Content marketing is one of the must-do strategies for those looking to keep up.


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We source talent worldwide. But our core team members have all worked together – in various
ways – over the past 25 years.

Our Network is Key