5 tips for panel moderation (e-book excerpt 3)

5 tips for panel moderation (e-book excerpt 3)

April 16, 2012


April 16, 2012


5 tips for panel moderation (e-book excerpt 3)


Aled Herbert
Content director

Aled oversees all editorial as our content director. He loves a good story – which is no surprise, as he started out in children’s publishing.

In this month’s excerpt, we cut to the end of Everything In Moderation: How to chair, moderate and otherwise lead events, for several brief tips, all about different aspects of your event, as recommended by Collective Content director Tony Hallett…

The Brooks Tip – Ever remember the moment in the 1980s film Broadcast News where the unfortunate TV journalist played by Albert Brooks is drafted in to read the nightly news and is encouraged to sit on the lower back part of his suit jacket? He’s sceptical but immediately realises it works in making sure his jacket doesn’t ride up behind his neck. Don’t sweat it like Brooks’ character. Try this and if you’re wearing a suit it will stay un-bunched-up.

Don’t go back – Never reach out again to a poor-performing guest from a previous panel. They might blame you for the last time – if they even realise it went badly – and/or perform poorly again.

Never under-dress relative to guests – Better to wear that suit and remove the jacket and tie than look like you’ve taken a wrong a turn to the pub.

Find out how chair/other host is going to intro YOU – Correct them if wrong or – especially – you think they are just going to read from the event programme. The audience can do that by themselves.

Say it right – Pronunciation doesn’t come into play in the written word (spelling and grammar does, mind) but at an event how you say things is key. This goes for both company names and individuals’. I’ve seen debates knocked off track as a panellist corrects someone else – or grits their teeth, obviously unhappy but not willing to speak up. Do your homework. Say all names out loud in the pre-brief, for the sake of everyone.

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