Our persona #3: Publishers

Our persona #3: Publishers





Our persona #3: Publishers


Aled Herbert
Content director

Aled oversees all editorial as our content director. He loves a good story – which is no surprise, as he started out in children’s publishing.

So far we have explained that our clients can be marketers at larger companies or small business owners. But there is a third major category or persona – media owners.

3. Publishers
By ‘media owners’ we mean professional publishers, mainly online, who already produce great content, regularly, for large audiences.

Why do they need Collective Content?

They’re mainly too busy running independent editorial operations and selling (mostly standard) display ads next to the content that’s produced.

What’s more, the reporters, editors and other professionals producing the content can’t easily work on custom content programmes for clients. We have blogged about that before (5 tips for doing custom content well), including conflicts of interest.

So publishers outsource that type of content. That’s been going on for years. What role is there for us?

In this third category we offer consulting services to publishers that are still embracing this trend, which Frédéric Filloux already puts at between 30 and 70 per cent of many media companies’ revenues.

Maybe they have run custom content for several years but it is piecemeal or poorly regarded. We use examples of best practice and can take on long-term content marketing efforts for big brands that would otherwise happily move spend away from media partners to invest in their own websites, social media campaigns or other new initiatives.

Of course we can draw on our network of Collectivists to produce content.

But our biggest contribution is often to be the trusted third-party that explains the big shift going on, what it means to established publishers/titles and the ways in which it is only going to get more important.

*Photo Gutenbergs Druckerpresse by brandbook.de used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic (CC by 2.0).

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