Bespoke content for Brain Awareness Week explains tailored-tech message

Bespoke content for Brain Awareness Week explains tailored-tech message





Bespoke content for Brain Awareness Week explains tailored-tech message


Tony Hallett
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The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) has taken a unique approach to fundraising for this year’s global Brain Awareness Week – it stands out because it is both tech- and content-savvy.

The brain injury charity has released a first-person video – putting the viewer in the place of a severely physically disabled person – which changes it’s ending depending on the device you use to view it.
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By the end of the clip, the patient is using your type of device – including popular versions of smart-phones, tablets and laptops – which also gets a mention in the accompanying voiceover.

The theme of #TechnologyMeans will be heavily supported this week over social media, for example with that hashtag on Twitter. One idea is that as the week goes on, the RHN will create content influenced by the data it captures.

If iOS users are seen to be donating more than those who use Android or Windows devices, for example, then campaigners at the hospital may well add a bit of competitive spirit to their fundraising drive.

Sarah Myers Cornaby, director of fundraising at the RHN, which has 220 patients, said: “Disabilities are completely different. Everyone has bespoke needs and so this year we’re recognising that with our bespoke fundraising.”

The RHN worked with agency Reason Digital, a social enterprise, on this year’s campaign.

The Assistive Technology team at the RHN adapts iPads, smart-phones and laptops to give independence back to patients for whom technology is life-changing.

Brain Awareness Week runs 10-17 March this year. The RHN is encouraging everyone to explain over social media the importance of tech in their lives – thus #technologymeans – and then to consider what it means to patients.

More on BAW and the RHN campaign, including the first-person video(s) and the chance to donate at  .