11 essential content marketing links from Q2 19

11 essential content marketing links from Q2 19





11 essential content marketing links from Q2 19


Tony Hallett
Managing director

Tony set up Collective Content in 2011 so brands can more easily become publishers and tell stories. This built on 15 years in media, from reporter to publishing director at Silicon Media Group, CNET Networks and CBS Interactive.

1. The 9 Rules of Every Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner Cartoon

We’re going to start with something a little bit different – and wonderful. From one of the greatest cartoon-makers, see how limitations improve creativity. We love this.

2. Smart Bottom-Of-The-Funnel Content Examples That Close the Deal

Organisations too often neglect bottom of the funnel (BOFU) content and skew towards top of funnel (TOFU). Maybe ‘tofu’ just sounds nicer. Well you know what they say? TOFU for show, BOFU for dough. OK, they don’t say that. But read this carefully – and also don’t neglect MOFU…

3. The 20 Keys to Creating an Inspiring Brand Story

Now you don’t have to consider all of these, all of the time, but here Larry Kim lays out 20 ways to tell your stories.

4. The pun-loving computer programs that write adverts

Think content marketing will always have a human element? Think again. Although perhaps the bigger question is how writers and creatives will come to work with technology.

5. The art and science of naming your podcast

OK, this is niche. But also good. You know how podcasts are sohotrightnow©? Well this is a very specific and solid assessment of how to name a podcast. Just asking for half a dozen clients we’re speaking to about this.

6. ‘If we have to, we let them walk away’: Branded content margin pressure squeezes publishers

To the world of publishers, this piece shows that brand content isn’t always a no-brainer to bolster revenues.

7. The killer metric for email subject lines that ‘experts’ don’t understand

We really like these deep dives from Econsultancy. Especially when they say there’s no formula for many types of marketing.

8. In praise of subheadings

And before we finish up, this is the first of three pieces about the craft of copy. In this case, what do you know about sub-headings? Because you should know all about sub-headings.

9. English – one language, a world of confusion

And here, our very own Bill Clark shows us the difficulties when every type of English is different. And he should know – he’s fluent in at least four kinds.

10. How typos impact your brand’s reputation

Finally – until the real, ‘And finally…’ – this piece gets into the importance of speling and grammer. (See what we did there?)

11. Unconventional Advertising Ideas That Set The World On Fire

Last up, click away the annoying pop-ups (wouldn’t be our preference but hey) for some inspirational ideas. Certainly not all about content marketing, but worth it.

Why 11 links for once? There are 11 players in both cricket and football (as in association soccer) teams.

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