11 essential content marketing links from Q1 21

11 essential content marketing links from Q1 21





11 essential content marketing links from Q1 21


Collective Content Team

1. 2021 Contently Report: What buyers want from content marketing

Kicking off this quarter’s curation with one of the year’s big bits of research, from the team at Contently.

2. B2B content isn’t boring unless your writing is

We’re B2B specialists and this is a reminder that’s no excuse for dry content.

3. How to avoid jargon when writing about a technical product

Pet subject of ours, given our focus on B2B tech. Avoid jargon and clichés like… the plague?

4. The hybrid content team

Another favourite, because this is the world we live in as an agency. But as in-house content marketers, you have several ways to set up your team. Balance that in-house / agency / freelancer mix.

5. Collective Content — ProCopywriters Company Spotlight

Unapologetically, this post is all about us. From an interview Tony did with the Pro Copywriters Network.

6. Update or delete? Cleaning up old content on your site

We speak to clients a lot about repurposing content, especially after we’ve performed a content audit. Here, the SEO gurus at Yoast keep their eyes on repurposing’s impact on search.

7. 6 email newsletter ideas for more opens, clicks and shares

We’ve recently relaunched our main newsletter and called on the advice here from the CMI.

8. 10 digital marketing assets you need to invest in today

Jeff Bullas remains one of content marketing’s aristocracy. And deep – and broad – content like this shows you why.

9. 8 types of podcasts: The complete guide to audio content marketing

We’ve gone from the ‘year of audio’ to the ‘decade of audio’, wouldn’t you say? Great breakdown of approaches to podcasting, from Brafton.

10. 4 ways to balance under- and over-communication as a remote work manager

Sure, one of the tips here basically says, “Use tools like Trello”. But we’re big fans of Trello, and have been even bigger fans of a remote team for over five years. Take note.

11. How to write a novel, according to 10 really good novelists

Last up, treat yourself to this. The masters of writing on how they… write. And yes, that’s a photo of Don Draper in Mad Men.

Why 11 links? It’s the current size of the in-house writing team at Collective Content.

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