How COVID-19 is changing content

How COVID-19 is changing content





How COVID-19 is changing content


Shirley Siluk
Senior editor

Originally from Chicago, where she also attended Northwestern University (a Tony alma mater too – go Wildcats!), Shirley leads US editorial as a senior editor/writer, now based in Florida.

Look at the content, messages and tone your organisation uses to promote itself. Why? Because the dynamics of the marketplace have changed. Sure, as a content agency, we would say that, wouldn’t we? But it also happens to be true.

Big, worldwide events change the narrative, and the COVID-19 pandemic is often talked of in the same order of magnitude as the financial crash of 2008, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and even World Wars – such have been the levels of disruption and change.

Now add to that vocal employee activism and issues of equality that burst into boardrooms in 2020, at a time when the agenda was already crowded with ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance), #MeToo and gender pay gap discussions.

Many of our clients have felt the sea change. They have solid existing content to share – ebooks, white papers, infographics and more. But if they now publish material that doesn’t reference recent changes and perspectives in public and business life, if they appear not to be aware of these changes, their content will look, well, a little odd. Quaint even.

This might sound like bad news to those who have sweated tears to get their content into shape pre-COVID. But don’t despair:

  • Some very solid content might simply need a refresh – a light text-edit or redesign to show that it is current, relevant and self-aware.
  • Other content might need to be broken down and rebuilt from the original, with the addition of new insights and input from the organisation. This is a bigger job, but you’re not starting from a blank page.
  • New content might be required – and we’re here to help with that.
  • There might also be existing content that can be repurposed through new channels. In this way, the original hard work and value is converted into social posts, blogs, podcasts or training videos. This can also be a neat route to getting the organisation to market itself in new ways and to take advantage of new channels.

A content audit and a conversation are good places to start – to understand what you have, what should be updated, and where to go from there.

We’ve helped many clients with such audits, so get in touch if you’d like to discuss options for your organisation.