Essential customer experience insights from Q4 2022

Customer making a purchase using a payment card.
Customer making a purchase using a payment card.

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Discover some of the latest thinking around customer experience management, from whether to cut costs through customer service outsourcing to using the cloud to deliver faster, better and more personalised service to customers.

January 24, 2023


Essential customer experience insights from Q4 2022


Aled Herbert
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Essential customer experience insights from Q4 2022

January 24, 2023 |


1. How to recover trust following a brand calamity

Sometimes, brands let their customers down. The question is how you recover trust afterwards. Forbes takes a look at the lessons that can be learned from the Southwest Airlines Holiday Meltdown. Lesson one: come back stronger.

2. Bring your customer service in-house – don’t outsource

In times of cost-cutting, traditional wisdom tells you that brands should outsource their customer service function. This could be a mistake. According to Microsoft, 90 per cent of US customers continue to buy from a brand based on customer experience and 58 per cent will switch after a bad experience. The answer? Bring your customer service in-house and reap the rewards.

3. 10 tips for delivering stellar CX in 2023

Last year wasn’t the best for customer experience. So how can brands make sure 2023 is a better year for customers? Discover 10 suggestions for how you can deliver on the CX promise in the year ahead.

4. Avoid the web and app CX pitfalls

Your customer-facing website or app is a major factor influencing whether your customers will recommend you. Yet too many brands are repeating the same mistakes with their front-of-store experiences. Not being mobile-first, poor accessibility, being inconsistent and lacking transparency are some of the repeat offences.

5. The foundations of great CX in finance and banking

It’s hard to think of a sector where customer experience has had more of an impact than finance. FinTech and Challenger banks have done the unthinkable and broken the dominance of ‘old’ banking. This ReadWrite article looks at what makes a great customer experience in finance.

6. Retailers must future-proof supply chains to deliver for customers

In retail, customer experience is more than front-of-shop improvements. Retailers must make fundamental changes to their supply chain structures to support omnichannel experiences that will deliver on customer experience expectations.

7. Customer satisfaction low offers opportunity

This recent article in Harvard Business Review says customer satisfaction is at a 20-year low, despite the boom in CX tools and plenty of emphasis. It offers 10 tips on how to make a difference for your business and build loyal customers in a world that too often leaves them disappointed.

8. The cloud offers a chance to improve CX

Customers want a faster, more personalised experience and the cloud is a way to make that happen, Deloitte says. It can improve speed, give better insights and speed innovation, among other benefits. The result can elevate the customer experience across the company ecosystem.

9. Blurring lines are good for business

Customer expectations are blurring the lines between online and offline, says CIOL in a recent story. Savvy businesses have moved on from multichannel to omnichannel interactions and should be looking toward ‘multi-experience’ (MX) as the next trend. Analytics, edge computing and voice technology will allow innovators to meet customer needs wherever those customers are.

10. Don’t buy the hype

A recent blog from Gartner reminds us to be wary of the spate of articles hyping new CX trends for the coming year. It tags the metaverse, immersive tech and personalisation as trends that have either been oversold or misrepresented. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, take a deep breath and give it a read.

Bill Clark, Collective Content senior editor, also contributed to this post.