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Brand publishers must overcome barriers to working with PRs – report

By Aled Herbert / March 4, 2015

Every year sees organisations put more effort and budget into brand publishing. But to stand out, to create truly media-grade content, organisations must act like the best journalists. Sometimes that…

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The agency of the future

By Aled Herbert / November 7, 2013

Proactive, digital-first, prioritising – even productising – innovation. That is the agency of the future. I have spoken to around 50 UK agencies this year, working with a number of…

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Qualitative market research from Collective Content to drive content

By Aled Herbert / April 15, 2013

Do you know what kind of content will drive your business? Collective Content (UK), since we set up almost 18 months ago (does that now make us ancient in content…

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Speech-to-blog – the outsourced blogging service from Collective Content

By Aled Herbert / September 25, 2012

We are really happy to be announcing Speech-to-blog – which we tend to refer to as S2B at Collective Content – for several reasons: 1. Demand for a simple, corporate…

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Introducing the new website

By Aled Herbert / July 31, 2012

Let’s be clear, Collective Content’s primary business isn’t web design. Nor is it even provision of content on itself. But that shouldn’t mean we don’t have a decent website.…

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Our persona #3: Publishers

By Aled Herbert / July 16, 2012

So far we have explained that our clients can be marketers at larger companies or small business owners. But there is a third major category or persona – media owners.…

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Our persona #2 – small business owners

By Aled Herbert / July 9, 2012

This is the second in our short series about the types of client – ‘personas’, in marketing terms – that Collective Content (UK) serves. Last time we explained our relationship…

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Our persona #1 – content strategies for marketers

By Aled Herbert / July 2, 2012

There are three main groups of people Collective Content (UK) targets. We thought we’d write three blog posts to explain these types. Some in content marketing circles would call them…

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Copywriters, designers – the right balance

By Aled Herbert / June 7, 2012

Most things I read these days arrive serendipitously via some social media channel, mostly Twitter. A tweet last week directed me to’s post containing an infographic on the difference between…

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How to ask a panel killer questions (e-book excerpt 4)

By Aled Herbert / May 29, 2012

This month’s snippet from how-to guide Everything In Moderation: How to chair, moderate and otherwise lead events raises the question of questions. Or rather, how to best interrogate panellists.Question-asking (part 1)Intros…

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5 tips for panel moderation (e-book excerpt 3)

By Aled Herbert / April 16, 2012

In this month’s excerpt, we cut to the end of Everything In Moderation: How to chair, moderate and otherwise lead events, for several brief tips, all about different aspects of…

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How to intro a conference panel (e-book excerpt 2)

By Aled Herbert / March 14, 2012

Following yesterday’s post about how to get onto to the stage in good order – without any pesky mobile phones interrupting proceedings – today’s excerpt from Tony Hallett’s e-book, Everything…

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