A corrugated metal wall, with a yellow tint, which has a sign that says "Karma is real so don't steal" on it.

Plagiarism Week – why?

By Tony Hallett / 20/05/2024

I’ve seen people lose their careers because of plagiarism. And I’ve seen companies lose reputation and revenue. That’s why we care at this agency. Stepping back a bit, I understand…

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Covid, career search and Collective Content

By Eve Michell / 22/12/2020

July 2020: Graduating from Zoomiversity 2020 has been a remarkably virtual year. Due to the pandemic, my final university classes took place over Zoom rather than in lecture halls, and…

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Why do we have staff around the world?

By Tony Hallett / 25/02/2019

Why do we have people in different locations around the world? We could simply answer: “Because we can.” But there’s a wider point that’s worth making. When I recently mentioned…

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Quality work – why I constantly assess our agency model

By Tony Hallett / 05/11/2018

On my mind: How to describe team members at our content marketing agency. That’s partly because we’re preparing a new website – nothing radical, just something every company does. But…

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Content marketing trends. #1 Gifographics

By Aled Herbert / 08/05/2018

What are the latest trends and tactics used in content marketing? What’s catching on as a way to provide additional value to clients? In the first of a series, we…

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Marketing Automation: How to keep it human

By Aled Herbert / 01/11/2016

What is marketing automation? Marketing automation is software and other technology that lets companies effectively market across multiple online channels and automate repetitive tasks, such as emails and social media…

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Who needs WriteNow – the new on-demand content service?

By Tony Hallett / 25/10/2016

We recently launched an innovative on-demand writing service, WriteNow. Why is it innovative? After all, we hate it when people throw around that phrase without good reason. There are other…

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Content Marketing Landmarks: Microsoft’s Channel 9

By Aled Herbert / 20/10/2016

If you’ve spent any time in the tech industry, and if you’re reading this blog it suggests you may have, there’s a good chance you received an email or two…

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Collectivist #7: Social media savvy

By Tony Hallett / 31/01/2013

We’re really happy to bring back our Collectivist series to these pages after a break in the second half of 2012. This is our mini-directory, only better than most directories…

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Collectivist #6: The video guy

By Tony Hallett / 28/06/2012

It’s almost the last Friday of the month and – before we take a Collectivist break for the summer – here is this month’s recommendation. Alper Cagatay – video production…

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Collectivist #5: He'll help you sell

By Tony Hallett / 25/05/2012

The last Friday of the month means it’s time for another Collective Content recommendation. We take someone we have worked with personally, explain what they do and give an idea…

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Collectivist #4: Marketing maestro

By Tony Hallett / 27/04/2012

At the end of every month the CC Blog names a partner we recommend. It has to be someone we’ve done business with. And someone we like to spend time…

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