Data Privacy

Essential privacy insights from Q3 21

By Fanny Abramczuk / December 28, 2021

1. Businesses to spend $15 billion on data protection tech by 2024Rising concerns about the privacy of personal information will result in businesses spending $15 billion on data protection and…

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Essential data privacy insights from Q1 21

By Fanny Abramczuk / March 2, 2021

1. Businesses buy secure email gateways to protect corporate data Businesses are investing in secure email gateways to protect the privacy of corporate and employee data – and to comply…

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Essential data privacy insights from Q4 20

By Fanny Abramczuk / November 19, 2020

1. Expect more countries to pass GDPR-like privacy laws Lawmakers across the world are expected to vote for privacy laws similar to Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Gartner estimates that, by…

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Essential data privacy insights from Q3 20

By Fanny Abramczuk / August 3, 2020

1. Privacy key to businesses’ post-pandemic response Privacy ranked as one of the top areas in which CXOs plan to invest following the COVID-19 pandemic, according to research conducted by…

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Essential AI insights from Q1 20

By Shirley Siluk / February 12, 2020

1. AI could boost NA financial services by $140B through 2025 Augmentation and automation technologies could help the North American financial services sector gain between $87B and $140B in cumulative…

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