Internet of Things

Essential IoT insights from Q2 21

By Aled Herbert / 06/07/2021

1. Pandemic has accelerated business interest in 5G and IoT An Ernst & Young survey of more than 1,000 organisations found 52 per cent expressing an increased interest in 5G…

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Essential IoT insights from Q1 21

By Aled Herbert / 02/03/2021

1. IoT devices take the lead in connections to internet Connected IoT devices have, for the first time, surpassed non-IoT devices (smartphones, laptops and computers) in number, reaching 54 per…

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Essential IoT insights from Q4 20

By Aled Herbert / 08/12/2020

1. IoT network strategy uses devices to expand connectivity Companies are looking at ways to expand the IoT network, turning IoT devices into nodes of connectivity that users have the…

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Essential IoT insights from Q3 20

By Aled Herbert / 03/08/2020

1. Vulnerability revealed in key IoT component, Bluetooth The Bluetooth vulnerability was announced with the discovery of BIAS (Bluetooth Impersonation AttackS). The vulnerability allows an attacker to impersonate a previously…

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Essential IoT insights from Q2 20

By Aled Herbert / 26/04/2020

1. IoT security shortcomings threaten data privacy and integrity The current state of IoT security is “scary”, says Mike Nelson, VP of IoT security at PKI provider DigiCert, with 98…

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Essential IoT insights from Q1 20

By Aled Herbert / 06/03/2020

1. IoT attacks increased by more than seven times, says Kaspersky Security software firm Kaspersky Lab found attacks on IoT devices in the first half of 2019 numbered 105 million,…

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Essential AI insights from Q1 20

By Shirley Siluk / 12/02/2020

1. AI could boost NA financial services by $140B through 2025 Augmentation and automation technologies could help the North American financial services sector gain between $87B and $140B in cumulative…

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