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What does generative AI mean for content marketing?

By Aled Herbert / 07/06/2023

We have been watching with amazement the speed at which generative AI has developed and affected so many areas of our lives and our work. While AI has enormous potential…

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Ghostwriting content? Gotta keep it real

By Tony Hallett / 13/06/2019

Since the beginning of Collective Content, we’ve always been concerned about authenticity. Even if what worries us hasn’t always been called ‘authenticity’ – because, let’s face it, that word isn’t…

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Stock images, authenticity and journalism

By Tony Hallett / 27/07/2018

I was looking at a photo of a local park the other day – actually from a Twitter feed for that particular place – and was struck by how great…

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Your key to creativity: Documenting and vulnerability

By Tony Hallett / 06/04/2017

Have you heard about authenticity in your content? It’s been a big theme for a while. But recently at an event I heard Alex Jones from Fjord Trends (part of…

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Alternatives to bad stock images

By Tony Hallett / 14/10/2015

Are there alternatives to using bad stock images with your content or is “bad” just a matter of taste? What do you think? To expand, do many—most?—organisations fall back on…

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Do you need a ghostwriter or an editor?

By Tony Hallett / 27/03/2014

Ghostwriting has had a resurgence in the age of social media and blogging. Big company executives, aware of staying authentic to who they are and what their companies do, are…

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What is ‘authenticity’ in blogging and social media?

By Tony Hallett / 16/01/2013

This is a big question. It’s big because if a company – just like a traditional media title – loses its credibility, then it will fail. One way to lose…

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