What price native advertising? Publishers’ rate cards investigated

By Aled Herbert / 10/11/2016

In a short series of blogs here on Collective Content we’ve been looking at the evolving nature of native advertising and how brands are working with publishers to put this…

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Staffing publisher studios

By Tony Hallett / 25/10/2016

Much has been made about trust in all things native advertising. Rightly so. If there is no trust between reader and producer of content, all the best efforts of that…

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Sponsored content and UK publishers

By Tony Hallett / 15/10/2012

We see that Business Insider is the latest of the big boys in web publishing to include sponsored content among regular editorial. It isn’t ditching ads – it has a…

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Content marketing embraced by 93% of marketers

By Tony Hallett / 08/10/2012

This slide should blow your mind. (And not because of the funny angle or the guy’s head in the bottom-right.) Not only do 38 per cent of respondents say they…

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