Why a good brief can save you from a world of pain

By Aled Herbert / 29/06/2020

Getting quality content from an agency requires more than a brief email or call and keeping your fingers crossed. By not properly preparing the ground, you can discover that content…

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6 tips for writers pitching editors and agencies

By Tony Hallett / 11/06/2018

Cash for words. That’s the brutal equation of much professional writing. But if you’re a freelancer or moonlighting (hey, it happens) pro writer, how do you start a relationship with…

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Who needs WriteNow – the new on-demand content service?

By Tony Hallett / 25/10/2016

We recently launched an innovative on-demand writing service, WriteNow. Why is it innovative? After all, we hate it when people throw around that phrase without good reason. There are other…

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What we look for when we look for writers

By Tony Hallett / 06/09/2016

I have to admit something. I’m writing this as I’m preparing for a call with a would-be writer for Collective Content. I’m happy he’s calling, don’t get me wrong. He’s…

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Farm fresh content – naming names is important

By Tony Hallett / 10/12/2015

Do you source your meat? From farm or even individual cow to dining room table, more and more people are concerned with their food’s supply chain. That makes sense. It’s…

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In-house or agency?

By Tony Hallett / 09/09/2015

One of our founding missions was to take away pain from companies needing media-grade content. So you might expect us to recommend using a content marketing agency. Across most kinds…

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How do you know if someone is a good writer?

By Tony Hallett / 02/09/2015

How do you know if a writer is any good? I get asked this a lot and often it’s not a simple answer. Of course it’s a vitally important question…

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