8 tips to create better style guides

By Aled Herbert / April 6, 2022

What do we mean by style guide? To many organisations, a style guide is the set of rules and guidelines that describe how your brand organises its colours, logos, graphic…

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How to show you’re a reliable source

By Tony Hallett / August 21, 2018

Want to cultivate a reputation as a reliable, credible organisation? Give some thought not only to what information you provide, but to how you provide it. If you regularly publish…

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What is a… style guide?

By Shirley Siluk / October 17, 2016

Media theorist Marshall McLuhan is famous for saying, among other things, that “The medium is the message”. Essentially, that means that the type of medium you choose to communicate a…

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What is a… copy-editor / sub-editor?

By Shirley Siluk / October 5, 2016

We’re all familiar with editor and reporter characters from movies set in magazine or newspaper offices. Think the Robert Redford/Dustin Hoffman reporter duo in All the President’s Men, Meryl Streep’s…

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