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11 essential content marketing links from Q3 22

By Tony Hallett / October 4, 2022

1. Sonic symbolism S1:E1 We’ve heard about Mailchimp investing in content (with ‘Mailchimp Presents’). This is next level. If you love Bjork – this writer does – then it’s a…

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11 essential content marketing links from Q4 21

By Tony Hallett / January 5, 2022

With the end of a year – and start of a new one – in mind, this quarter’s round-up contains some big-picture articles, as well as some tips of the…

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11 essential content marketing links from Q2 21

By Tony Hallett / July 1, 2021

1. No one likes ads. So let’s do something about it. When Getty Images recently bought stock imagery wunderkind Unsplash, some people were less than happy. But could initiatives like…

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11 essential content marketing links from Q4 19

By Tony Hallett / January 3, 2020

1. 8 content trends for 2020 First up, big picture. While 2020 is the hook here, this piece really touches on some big bets for content over the next decade.…

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11 essential content marketing links from Q4 18

By Tony Hallett / December 20, 2018

1. ‘You have to have support from the C-suite’: Brands struggle with moving marketing in-house The first of three links from those clever people at Digiday, this piece touches on…

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11 essential content marketing links from Q2 18

By Tony Hallett / June 29, 2018

The best way to pitch a content marketing plan to your boss We kick off with a story we saw back in April, but it’s among the biggest things you…

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11 essential content marketing links from Q1 18

By Tony Hallett / March 28, 2018

A Take on 3 Confusing Terms: Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy This is the kind of foundational piece that everyone in who works with commercial content should read.…

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The hidden pitfalls of repurposing content

By Tony Hallett / November 22, 2017

You can find plenty of articles about repurposing content – why to do it, how to do it. But few tell you the pitfalls. And there are more than you…

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Why editorial calendars are essential in content marketing

By Andy McCue / November 22, 2016

This post was first published on 18 July 2014. There are some things you must avoid when producing content – whether that’s in a pure editorial context or for content…

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Your editorial calendar isn’t your content strategy

By Tony Hallett / April 12, 2016

More than once in recent weeks we have been asked by a new client to “share the content strategy”. And more than once we were confused, because we had already…

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Where your content and your customers meet

By Tony Hallett / June 19, 2013

I don’t think this is a Venn diagram you’ll have already seen. I have been trying to express the idea for a little while and I think it’s original. It…

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Content audits – whaddya got?

By Tony Hallett / March 22, 2013

One of the first components of any content strategy is a look backwards. Which for one thing is counterintuitive because strategy always involves some planning and planning is about the…

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