How do you know if someone is a good writer?

By Tony Hallett / September 2, 2015

How do you know if a writer is any good? I get asked this a lot and often it’s not a simple answer. Of course it’s a vitally important question…

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Talent wars in content marketing – "Get big, get niche or … "

By Tony Hallett / July 29, 2015

Most sectors say they suffer from a skills gap. Hell, probably all areas in media and marketing say they can’t find the right people. Last week I heard this referred…

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Lawyered-up? The perils of sign-offs in content marketing

By Tony Hallett / May 1, 2013

Have you got permission to quote sources in your content marketing? The brand journalists among you (with emphasis on the journalist) might consider that a redundant question. You interview someone…

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Counterintuitive newsletter techniques

By Tony Hallett / August 15, 2012

We promised some examples of newsletters that don’t fit a boring, link-fest format. They are newsletters that deliver (if you’ll excuse the term) a first-rate user experience. Unfortunately we are…

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