11 essential content marketing links from Q3 21

By Tony Hallett / October 1, 2021

1. How to write digital copy: A complete guide First up for this quarter, some deep, deep content. Dan Brotzel’s enduring Medium post is among the most comprehensive guides to…

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The race against robots: Will AI erase human copywriters?

By Eve Michell / June 15, 2021

Over the last year and a half, as the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed all kinds of businesses to digitally transform and embrace automation, the subject of just how many jobs…

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6 things your copywriters want

By Tim Ferguson / September 9, 2019

Copywriting is one of the biggest challenges for any content marketer. It’s totally subjective, there’s pressure to convert, and oftentimes the writer doesn’t quite capture the brand. Your copy is…

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11 essential content marketing links from Q3 18

By Tony Hallett / September 27, 2018

5 lessons we learned from building 250 landing pages We love this piece, not just as creators of hundreds of landing pages over the years (fist bump to fellow LP…

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11 essential content marketing links from Q4 17

By Tony Hallett / January 2, 2018

Copywriter vs. Content Writer: Skills, writing fees and expectations This isn’t the exact same take we’ve provided but Barry is always good and this piece has a lot to ponder…

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How content and copy are different

By Tony Hallett / December 10, 2012

Hire an editor for a new launch – that was the simple request put to a friend and member of the Collective Content family. The hunt was ultimately successful but…

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Copywriters, designers – the right balance

By Aled Herbert / June 7, 2012

Most things I read these days arrive serendipitously via some social media channel, mostly Twitter. A tweet last week directed me to’s post containing an infographic on the difference between…

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