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I was working in content marketing 20 years ago – I just didn’t know it

By Tony Hallett / May 19, 2016

When I started as a journalist in the 1990s we had an unusual job come our way. Every day we were to unload a sack of VHS cassettes, for that’s…

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Our persona #3: Publishers

By Aled Herbert / July 16, 2012

So far we have explained that our clients can be marketers at larger companies or small business owners. But there is a third major category or persona – media owners.…

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Branded content’s power – “insidious”? Really?

By Tony Hallett / June 27, 2012

In his excellent Monday Note blog this week Frédéric Filloux dissects what he calls “the insidious power of brand content”, with some great examples, mainly from French companies. His five…

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Collective Content – six-month progress report

By Tony Hallett / June 12, 2012

How are we doing as a business? Pretty well, I’d say, though you’d need to ask our clients. Since this blog kicked off at the start of 2012 I haven’t…

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5 tips for doing custom content well

By Tony Hallett / May 22, 2012

The way some publishers approach custom content – as a dirty little secret – is regrettable. And I could use a stronger word. True, it is signed off by and…

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Define content marketing – without getting lost in the jargon

By Tony Hallett / March 21, 2012

Here’s a slide I used in a presentation just over a year ago (at an Association of Online Publishers (AOP) event in February 2011). I got to thinking about how…

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