11 essential content marketing links from Q1 20

By Tony Hallett / 01/04/2020

1. What CMOs predict will happen—or keep happening—in 2020 We’re starting with some ‘big picture’ articles. Here’s a snapshot of CMOs being very big picture about the year. 2. 10…

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Amazon as social network and content marketing hub

By Tony Hallett / 17/06/2012

There has been a lot of talk over the past year about four stand-out tech and internet companies: Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. (Others reckon IBM deserves inclusion given its…

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Beautiful tag clouds – Wordle to your mother

By Tony Hallett / 08/05/2012

We’ve been messing around with Wordle. It’s not new but, if you use tag clouds (as a publisher or reader) and like great design, we think you’ll like it. Below…

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When every company publishes – a “claw-back opportunity” for media?

By Tony Hallett / 26/03/2012

A quick slide to start the week. At the AOP B2B event a couple of weeks back the excellent Caroline Taylor from IBM (@green_goddess ) talked about several things but…

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Content always core – some quick #aopb2b thoughts

By Tony Hallett / 14/03/2012

Today I attended the first event from the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) aimed only at those in B2B media. (You can still check out the #aopb2b hashtag on Twitter.)…

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Bob Holness, Wikipedia and a confession

By Tony Hallett / 17/01/2012

What’s Bob Holness got to do with the Wikipedia blackout tomorrow? Directly, not much, I assure you. But recent days’ events have made me cast my mind back to a…

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