The problem with pictures

By Aled Herbert / January 30, 2017

The old adage wearily states that a picture is worth a thousand words. I take issue with this. We get paid by the word and usually nothing for sourcing an image. Yet…

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The powerfully illiterate – the other reason for visual content

By Tony Hallett / January 14, 2016

Every day you see people writing about why visual content has become important. The crux seems to be that today we are bombarded with thousands of messages and that certain…

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Alternatives to bad stock images

By Tony Hallett / October 14, 2015

Are there alternatives to using bad stock images with your content or is “bad” just a matter of taste? What do you think? To expand, do many—most?—organisations fall back on…

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The web without words?

By Tony Hallett / March 6, 2012

I just blogged over on about the rise of Pinterest and other channels that show traffic online is increasingly coming from non-text formats – whether photos, infographics, video or…

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