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Get your thought leadership programme off the ground in 2024

By Andrew Smith / 09/02/2024

10 practical elements to consider This blog was co-authored by Andrew Smith and Marc DonFrancesco Great thought leadership (TL) is about great ideas. But it’s also about practical considerations. When…

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A metal robot made up of lots of joined, angular parts, sitting at a piano to play it.

Good art – and good content marketing – doesn’t take shortcuts 

By Shirley Siluk / 26/01/2024

Ideas are easy. Executing them is hard. And people have always been tempted by the promise of shortcuts to take ideas from conception to execution without that messy ‘hard’ part…

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A blackboard with a three smiling faces and three tickboxes in a colomn. The first face in smiling and in green. The second is neutral in orange. The final is red and frowning. The first box is ticked. Image credit: Adrian from Pixabay

Podcast Episode 3 – Reputation

By Daine Lindsay / 02/10/2023

Welcome to episode three of the Collective Content How to choose a content agency podcast series. This time round, our hosts Daine Lindsay and Collective Content MD Tony Hallett are…

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Women designing a webpage on a whiteboard. Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

What to believe about a content agency’s marketing

By Julian Heathcote / 02/08/2023

Before you engage a content agency, it’s essential to know that you can take it at its word. But when you are evaluating agencies, how do you know if their…

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Brand design project with colour palettes

How to involve a content agency in your website redesign. And how not to.

By Aled Herbert / 14/02/2023

There’s a broad spectrum of engagement possibilities for content agencies on website projects. And (spoiler alert) we can add value at any point. Let’s look at how things play out.…

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11 essential content marketing links from Q1 21

By Collective Content Team / 30/03/2021

1. 2021 Contently Report: What buyers want from content marketing Kicking off this quarter’s curation with one of the year’s big bits of research, from the team at Contently. 2.…

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11 essential content marketing links from Q3 19

By Tony Hallett / 30/09/2019

1. 5 components every marketing plan needs to succeed We’re starting big picture. Solid advice. 2. There are three CMO archetypes, but only one is best for driving growth And…

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Choosing an agency: Personal chemistry but with due diligence

By Shirley Siluk / 09/02/2017

Marketers these days spend a lot of time thinking about budgets… or, rather, the lack thereof. But you might be surprised to learn that money isn’t the top factor they…

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‘Content’ isn’t a dirty word

By Tony Hallett / 19/02/2016

Why is the word ‘content’ frowned upon by some? I see this dislike, sometimes even hatred, mostly from my old fraternity – journalists. To journalists, what they do is usually…

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Staff – your secret weapon for great B2B content

By Tony Hallett / 16/07/2015

Despite a few famous examples of employees at companies creating content, most people we speak to think content marketing is the preserve of C-level ‘thought leaders’ or hired content professionals.…

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Don't be a PR hypocrite – hitch a ride on rivals' branded content

By Tony Hallett / 10/03/2015

Most large companies retain a PR agency and someone or a team in-house with responsibility for that function. Companies that are smaller also tend to know why PR matters, even…

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