The blueprint for your in-house content team – guaranteed

By Tony Hallett / 27/06/2016

I was at a big trade show earlier this month and spent a little time in the pressroom. What struck me was that it was set up perfectly for the…

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Apple as media gatekeeper

By Tony Hallett / 19/06/2015

Apple won’t skew the news. If you wanted to get the most important part of this post in five words, you just did. But the topic is a bit more…

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Sign-off paralysis and how to cure it

By Tony Hallett / 27/05/2015

Sign-offs are the biggest threat to the average company trying to market with content. Not ideas, not finding creators of quality content, not even budgets or legal – though all…

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Biggest not best – avoiding bias in lists easy as 'ABC'

By Tony Hallett / 12/01/2014

Time and time again when we edit copy (this greying editor in particular likes to edit long-form content on paper) you will see margin notes where we scribble ‘ABC’. What…

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Lawyered-up? The perils of sign-offs in content marketing

By Tony Hallett / 01/05/2013

Have you got permission to quote sources in your content marketing? The brand journalists among you (with emphasis on the journalist) might consider that a redundant question. You interview someone…

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Poor grammar? That’s an opportunity for brands

By Tony Hallett / 26/04/2013

There is a perception that content from brands is inferior to the quality produced by the media. Of course, we regularly consume poor-quality media and great brand content but I…

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Content marketing and operating at media speed

By Tony Hallett / 28/01/2013

One of our partners recently mentioned those companies that “get it” and those that don’t. What he meant by “get it” is those that have a content creation mindset that…

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What is ‘authenticity’ in blogging and social media?

By Tony Hallett / 16/01/2013

This is a big question. It’s big because if a company – just like a traditional media title – loses its credibility, then it will fail. One way to lose…

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Non-media media owners – their rise and rise

By Tony Hallett / 21/11/2012

Is a publication from a supermarket chain, Tesco Magazine, now the largest in the UK, ahead of tabloids such as The Sun and The Mail? It’s certainly not online and…

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What is a CCO?

By Tony Hallett / 12/11/2012

It stands for a chief content officer. Google this three-letter acronym*, though, and you soon leave the world of content. Chief Communications Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, even Cisco Connection Online…

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When to date-stamp a blog post

By Tony Hallett / 22/10/2012

Short answer: Always. Here’s why. A few blogs, even mainstream news sites, bury or even leave off date stamps from their posts. They do this – although there are exceptions…

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New media alert – T-shirts

By Tony Hallett / 18/07/2012

That’s right, T-shirts. Online, outdoor, TV, radio, even print – add to those the humble T-shirt. T-post – or go to – is a wearable magazine. Subscribers get sent…

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