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Full stop – friend or foe?

By Eve Michell / 23/11/2022

Have you ever paused after writing a message to a colleague, pondering whether you used a smiley-enough but not-too-excited emoji? If you used too many full stops? If you need…

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Copy-wise: Beware of too many, too few or misplaced commas

By Shirley Siluk / 23/01/2019

Imaginehavingtoreadentirebookscompanyreportsorwhitepapersinwhichwordswerentseparatedbypunctuationofanykindcanyouimagineunderstandinganythingthefirsttime Writing that way would seem like the opposite of clear communication, wouldn’t it? But that’s actually how information was recorded in ancient Greece, when all writing was meant to…

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Copy-wise: Beware of the Apostrophe-pocalypse – 3 rules

By Tony Hallett / 06/03/2017

Ugh, you may groan. A blog post about punctuation? And not just punctuation in general but a post about just one punctuation mark in particular: the apostrophe? Boooooring. Only it’s…

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What is a… copy-editor / sub-editor?

By Shirley Siluk / 05/10/2016

We’re all familiar with editor and reporter characters from movies set in magazine or newspaper offices. Think the Robert Redford/Dustin Hoffman reporter duo in All the President’s Men, Meryl Streep’s…

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What is… the Oxford comma?

By Tony Hallett / 08/02/2013

What is the Oxford comma? Its alternative name – the serial comma – provides more of a clue. It’s the difference between apples, oranges, and bananas AND apples, oranges and…

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