Don’t let perfection be your content marketing enemy

By Tony Hallett / November 14, 2016

Practice makes perfect, as they say. But how do you define perfect when it comes to content? Here’s why I ask. You know that old schematic, much loved by project…

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What does Collective Content stand for?

By Tony Hallett / October 28, 2015

If you’re thinking of committing to working with us – as a client or a contributor – then, ‘What do they stand for?’ is a totally valid thought. Every company…

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Poor grammar? That’s an opportunity for brands

By Tony Hallett / April 26, 2013

There is a perception that content from brands is inferior to the quality produced by the media. Of course, we regularly consume poor-quality media and great brand content but I…

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Think quality before labelling in content marketing

By Tony Hallett / April 3, 2013

Does sponsored content have a labeling problem?, asked Digiday’s Josh Sternberg yesterday. No Josh, it simply has a quality problem. Content marketing in general and perhaps particularly native advertising, a…

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