11 essential content marketing links from Q2 21

By Tony Hallett / July 1, 2021

1. No one likes ads. So let’s do something about it. When Getty Images recently bought stock imagery wunderkind Unsplash, some people were less than happy. But could initiatives like…

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Covid, career search and Collective Content

By Eve Michell / December 22, 2020

July 2020: Graduating from Zoomiversity 2020 has been a remarkably virtual year. Due to the pandemic, my final university classes took place over Zoom rather than in lecture halls, and…

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Fighting ‘barbarism’ in content marketing

By Shirley Siluk / September 25, 2019

As a content marketer, what’s your job? Everyone in the field will likely have their own unique answer to that question. But, to distill it down to the essentials, ‘content…

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Getting to know you: Why we love working on retainer

By Aled Herbert / July 23, 2019

It probably won’t come as a big surprise if we told you we love to write. As former journalists we like a good story. As a content marketing agency, we…

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Copy-wise: Beware of too many, too few or misplaced commas

By Shirley Siluk / January 23, 2019

Imaginehavingtoreadentirebookscompanyreportsorwhitepapersinwhichwordswerentseparatedbypunctuationofanykindcanyouimagineunderstandinganythingthefirsttime Writing that way would seem like the opposite of clear communication, wouldn’t it? But that’s actually how information was recorded in ancient Greece, when all writing was meant to…

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Quality work – why I constantly assess our agency model

By Tony Hallett / November 5, 2018

On my mind: How to describe team members at our content marketing agency. That’s partly because we’re preparing a new website – nothing radical, just something every company does. But…

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What is… editing?

By Shirley Siluk / September 18, 2017

Writers tend to be solitary creatures but bringing writing to life is more often a group effort. That’s especially true in B2B communication. Whatever the business writing project—a blog post,…

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Copy-wise: It's only one word, but where you place it matters

By Shirley Siluk / September 26, 2016

“Only I have eyes for you.” “I have only eyes for you.” “I have eyes for only you.” Read each of those sentences above again and think about how they…

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What we look for when we look for writers

By Tony Hallett / September 6, 2016

I have to admit something. I’m writing this as I’m preparing for a call with a would-be writer for Collective Content. I’m happy he’s calling, don’t get me wrong. He’s…

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The one sure-fire method to start any blog post

By Tony Hallett / February 17, 2016

The rise of content marketing has seen many non-professional writers getting involved in writing. That’s a good thing, for lots of reasons. But it can be hard. For example they…

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