Essential sustainability insights from Q4 22

An array of solar panels on a grassy background.
An array of solar panels on a grassy background.

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Learn about the current leading challenges to sustainability, how organisations can improve their approach to ESG and what governments around the world are doing to provide green incentives through tax policies.



Essential sustainability insights from Q4 22


Aled Herbert
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Essential sustainability insights from Q4 22

30/01/2023 |


1. Survey shows companies see data access, quality as sustainability challenges
Companies are finding numerous challenges along the path to sustainability. According to a Deloitte survey on environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns, 35 per cent of respondents report data quality as their biggest challenge, and 25 per cent find it difficult to access sustainability data to support ESG reporting.

2. Green computing starts with a baseline
Reducing the environmental impact of business must start with a baseline, and the first steps are understanding emissions levels and where they come from. Kathy Rudy of the technology research and advisory firm ISG suggests using software tools to define the necessary areas of measurement and offers tips on how to set attainable goals.

3. Why a CSO help businesses do ESG better
A Deloitte survey suggests that companies with a chief sustainability officer (CSO) can make an important difference in addressing ESG issues. Whilst the CSO role varies, those organisations with established CSOs did the best to deliver on their sustainability goals.

4. Stay on top of global sustainability tax policies to help reduce emissions
With governments worldwide using sustainability tax measures to tackle emissions reductions, organisations that want to act on climate change can take advantage of a new green tax tracker from EY. The tracker offers a snapshot view of items such as sustainability incentives, environmental taxes and environmental tax exemptions in 45 different jurisdictions across the globe.

5. Actions that CEOs can take to achieve net zero goals
Businesses face the twin challenge of raising awareness around and supporting CEO goals to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. McKinsey suggests five actions to achieve these goals, from building resilience to withstand the volatility of economic change to investing in climate tech to articulate a more effective ESG strategy.

6. Sustainable tech for the future
According to the World Economic Forum, a carbon-neutral world will come about through technology. As organisations move to make their operations greener, innovative technologies could help them achieve that aim, including renewable fuels, sustainable buildings and low-global-warming-potential molecules that could reduce emissions in products without sacrificing performance.

Daine Lindsay, Collective Content content executive, also contributed to this post.