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White papers

White Papers

White papers are the bread and butter of any B2B content agency. We’ve written and designed dozens of white papers for a wide range of clients. Our writers have a deep range of knowledge across sectors and topics so we’re confident we can find the right match for you.

We combine that industry knowledge with robust research skills and, naturally, a flair for well-written white papers in a range of styles and voices.

And we can offer the design treatment to complement the words.

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B2B tech brands have blazed the trail with the webinar format. And with 20 years of working with video and audio on the web we’ve worked on a mix of different webinars for a range of clients.

From the classic ‘slide decks with a voiceover’ format to managing a team of 20 creating an online chat show, complete with sofas, sets and multiple cameras – we’ve done the lot. Both on-demand and live streamed.

We can project manage the whole process but our true webinar kung fu skills are around planning, scripting and directing on the day.

And we’re just as happy in front of as behind the camera.

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We love e-books. White papers are great but e-books let us tell a brand’s story in a visually compelling format.

Whether they’re interactive or not, e-books offer content marketers an unconventional way of bringing an idea or a product to life.

The open-ended design options for e-books lends itself well to a granular format of visual storytelling that works great on the web or in print.

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Content audits

Content Audits 

We’ve talked a lot about content audits over the years. And even explained how we do them at Collective Content.

Audits are often a great starting point for a content project. They tell you what you’ve got. They tell you what you’re missing. And they tell you what you should do to get your content strategy working for you.

Often you find long lost treasure. And sometimes they deliver in unexpected ways.

If you have a moment, find out how our founder’s very first content audit helped to save thousands of pounds worth of advertising revenue in the face of ‘bias’ accusations.

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Content strategy

Content Strategy

A content strategy is the bedrock of how you use content to get results for your organisation. We’re just as happy to work with an existing strategy or being brought in early to help you build one.

We’ve spent 20 years working on strategies across different sectors, brands and publications so we know how important it is. But we’re always surprised by how few brands own and maintain content strategies.

Only 46 per cent of marketers have one in place to manage their content according to a 2017 CMI survey.

Everything begins with great strategy. A strategy helps you plan, grow and manage content as a business asset. If you don’t have one, give us a call.

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We go back a long way with video. Back in the early 2000s some of us worked on a pioneering web TV website. We wrote the scripts, directed and shot the video and edited it for publication online.

We can deliver the same kinds of services today. From early advice on what you want to achieve to writing, filming and editing.

Ask us what we can do for you.

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Persona development

Persona Development

Based on research and insight we help you narrow down who your content is serving and what that means for your organisation.

We can help you build a picture to bring focus to marketing and content strategy.

Thinking about the person behind the job title sharpens focus and helps marketers and writers deliver content that makes a connection.

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Market research

Market Research

We’ve worked on quantitative programmes around surveys. Often we partner with large research agencies while managing the process, helping bring data and insights to life.

On the other side we have rich in-house experience with qualitative market research. We run depth interviews and focus groups, to determine direction not just for your content but for your business.

We work with you to help hone your strategy, while also gathering data to make your content sing.

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Content retainer services

Container Retainer Services

Let us become an extension of your team. Hiring us on a content retainer gives you an editorial resource on demand. That includes everything from regular writing and editing of all kinds, to consultancy and strategy support.

The beauty of it is that there’s no set model: We currently work on retainer with clients for a couple of hours per month or up to several days.

Content on demand? Talk to us about what works best for your organisation. We can even come out to your offices for some essential facetime when we need to. And we always bring biscuits.

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Brand publications

Brand Publications

Brand publications let organisations to tell their own stories in a way they couldn’t do a generation ago because the media was the only game in town.

We’ve worked with brands of all sizes to turn them into trusted content producers, allowing organisations to engage on a daily basis with their brand audiences.

While launching many publications over the years, we’ve also assembled top-rate teams of journalists on a range of subjects.

We’ve taken clients from inception and planning to launch, and helped them develop a newsroom mentality. Crucially, we hang around afterwards rather than only working to quarterly cycles.

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From FTSE CEOs to start-up founders, we’ve helped many clients find their voice.

Too often business leaders have great ideas and conversations with customers, but don’t have the time to write it down. The solution? Talk to us.

Let’s be clear: we don’t just make everything up. The ideas and thoughts we develop come direct from you — the original thinker — whether that’s via a quick phone call, a recording or an email.

But we can take the time to craft the message around your thoughts so you can communicate effectively as an individual. And ghostwriting can be more effective when you build a partnership with a writer rather than as a one-off post.

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Blogs are the lingua franca of web communications. Needless to say, we do a lot of blogging of all kinds for clients. That means we can do a lot of it very quickly if need be, without compromising on quality. We can take as little or as much direction as you’d like to give. And we practice what we preach.

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Training and consulting

Training and Consulting

Give someone a fish and they eat for a day. Teach them how to fish and they’ll start their own successful fishing blog… with a little help from us.

We take the skills we’ve picked up from decades of experience in the media and share them on our training courses.

It’s not just typical ‘media’ training. We can build confident editorial skills and practices in your team. So talk to us about writing and editing training.

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We wrote the book on moderating events, but there’s more to it than that. We can help with event planning – not the logistics of booking venues but choosing themes, advising on speakers and making sure the right people turn up.

In addition, we can help you get more from your event through content creation. This includes reportage from the event, including video. We can work in front of and behind the camera.

And it’s easy to stretch out the value of your investment by writing a series of post-event content for delegates.

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Anything else...?

We’ve written everything from white papers and blogs, infographics and emails, to plinth text for corporate sculptures.


If you need it written, there’s a good chance we’ve already written it.