Our persona #2 – small business owners

Our persona #2 – small business owners





Our persona #2 – small business owners


Aled Herbert
Content director

Aled oversees all editorial as our content director. He loves a good story – which is no surprise, as he started out in children’s publishing.

This is the second in our short series about the types of client – ‘personas’, in marketing terms – that Collective Content (UK) serves.

Last time we explained our relationship with marketers at larger companies. We said at the time we also enjoy working with the marketing function at smaller businesses – though we recognise some don’t have a specialist on their books – and this post is about them.

2. Small business owners
It is no surprise or shame for some small businesses not to have a marketing department or even single marketer on staff. Many still approach marketing seriously, often turning to outside expert help and setting aside serious budget.

The last couple of decades have seen a transition from reliance on local advertising, trade outlets (including B2B media) and directories (including things like the Yellow Pages), to online marketing.

Small businesses typically now have their own websites, use pay per click (PPC) channels such as Google AdWords, and even have multiple social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the rest).

Collective Content comes in to play because now those small businesses want to use their own websites – typically a ‘Blog’ section – and social media to talk about their areas of expertise, their market, things that inspire them and, often lastly, themselves.

That’s content marketing.

The small business owner is an expert in all those things. They don’t always have the time to wax lyrical. They’re too busy running their business. But they know their stuff. They have to.

Their would-be customers want to hear from them. What’s more, most of their competitors won’t be sharing online, telling their stories.
That’s one reason why Collective Content’s upcoming Speech-to-Blog (S2B) service addresses this persona, this need that small businesses have.

Already we work with several small businesses, some concentrating on local content marketing, but this is a large growth area for us. And there’s no shortage of companies for us to work with.

Content marketing for SMBs is a proven way to engage customers and would-be customers and fits perfectly with social media and PPC campaigns.

If you are a small business and would like to know how Collective Content can help you use content marketing to be more successful, please drop us a line

Speech-to-Blog (S2B) launches later this month.

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