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Content marketing landmarks: Michelin

By Aled Herbert / 05/10/2016

The Michelin story should inspire any content marketing writer stuck with a brief for a less-than-sexy product. Sure, it’s easy to write sparkling copy to market fast cars, five-star hotels…

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Content Marketing Landmarks: The Furrow

By Aled Herbert / 28/09/2016

‘Content marketing’ is a relatively new term. But although the phrase was first coined in 1996 the idea of brands delivering value, and not just the hard sell, to customers…

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Contacts books and content marketing – we need to talk

By Aled Herbert / 20/02/2014

A great contacts book (now usually virtual rather than a rolodex or dog-eared notebook) has always been – and still is – what marks out really good journalists. That ability to…

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