Beebe on: Not talking about yourself

Beebe on: Not talking about yourself





Beebe on: Not talking about yourself


Tony Hallett
Managing director

Tony set up Collective Content in 2011 so brands can more easily become publishers and tell stories. This built on 15 years in media, from reporter to publishing director at Silicon Media Group, CNET Networks and CBS Interactive.


“Content marketing is really like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.”

– David Beebe, Marriott International

Today’s quotation says so much about how to do and not do content marketing well. And we especially like it coming from Marriott, who are doing so much that is progressive in this field.

We too talk a lot about focusing on your customer, not your own business. Be of assistance to your customer and the sales will follow later.

We even speak in presentations about a Hippocratic oath for B2B content marketing: First, be useful.

How about you? Are you able to avoid talking too much about your brand? Are you able to put your customer and your wider industry at the centre of your marketing?

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