Closeup of circuit board with GPT 4 chip. Photo by D koi on Unsplash

Essential AI insights from Q1 24

By Eve Michell / 07/05/2024

1. Accenture workforce report examines employee sentiment regarding AI in the workplace Accenture’s Work, workforce, workers report finds that 95 per cent of workers see the value in working with…

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Copy-wise: Buzzword bingo will hurt your content

By Aled Herbert / 24/11/2016

This post was first published 18 March 2014. You know what buzzword bingo is, right? Usually played in a meeting or conference where jargon, management speak and buzzwords are bandied…

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Why editorial calendars are essential in content marketing

By Aled Herbert / 22/11/2016

This post was first published on 18 July 2014. There are some things you must avoid when producing content – whether that’s in a pure editorial context or for content…

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Talk about competitors in your content marketing, honestly

By Tony Hallett / 12/06/2014

It is a conversation we invariably have with clients. Even if we think we know the answer, when in the early stages of a programme we ask how they feel…

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