11 essential content marketing links from Q3 20

11 essential content marketing links from Q3 20

September 23, 2020


September 23, 2020


11 essential content marketing links from Q3 20


Tony Hallett
Managing director

Tony set up Collective Content in 2011 so brands can more easily become publishers and tell stories. This built on 15 years in media, from reporter to publishing director at Silicon Media Group, CNET Networks and CBS Interactive.

1. Why a good brief can save you from a world of pain

Let’s get this party started with a post about a big subject, by our very own Tim Ferguson. This boils down to agencies and clients understanding each other better.

2. Pandemic-related WFH policies spur burnout for 73% of marketers

This might be from the start of the quarter, but there are important issues here close to our hearts – especially about burnout in the tech industry and among ad pros.

3. Why do case studies and testimonials work?

The first in our series about something we create frequently. Bill Clark asks, Why are case studies, customer stories and similar types of content so important?

4. Five problems with B2B content (and how to fix them)

You can debate whether these are the top five. But worth a read, for sure.

5. How to create an amazing ‘About us’ page (tactics from a professional ‘About’ page writer)

‘About us’ pages will always be important. Great guide here. Now do the ‘About us’ blurbs for social media.

6. The auteur theory of content marketing: Why it pays to repeat yourself

The guys at Animalz really know their content marketing. But can they make the case for an auteur theory? Great tips here.

7. White paper templates: Our favorites + how to create your own

We write a lot of white papers. Check out these templates from Brafton to get going – or at least know some archetypes.

8. 10 B2B marketing strategies for a world without face-to-face events

We’re kind of missing face-to-face events, even as a bunch of introverts (even if one of us wrote a book about B2B events). Here are some other ways of achieving what you did at events, pre you-know-what.

9. Why Wirecutter wins: Opinionated content

Back to Animalz (yes, we’re not the only source featured twice this quarter) and to a case study about how Wirecutter presents its content. Think of them as a Which? or Consumer Reports with swagger.

10. Six verbs that make you sound weak (no matter your job title)

Time for some tactical advice. Cut these verbs from your writing and you’re going to sound more assured.

11. These content marketing rules are made to be broken

OK, you know what they’ve done with these pieces. All about counterintuitive advice. But some good advice, curated by the CMI. (A curated piece in a curated piece? Inception!)

Why 11 links? We love a palindrome.

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