Writers: Don’t fight skimmers and content skippers

By Tony Hallett / October 12, 2021

Years ago, I edited a blog series by futurologist Peter Cochrane*. But here’s the strange thing: readers would tell us they’d always first skip to the end. Why? Because Peter…

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Show me the money – we need to talk about the ROI of content marketing

By Andy McCue / April 22, 2015

We’ve written plenty on here about the good reasons for doing content marketing, mainly with our B2B hat on, and how best to go about it. What we haven’t talked…

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The agency of the future

By Aled Herbert / November 7, 2013

Proactive, digital-first, prioritising – even productising – innovation. That is the agency of the future. I have spoken to around 50 UK agencies this year, working with a number of…

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Which KPIs matter the most?

By Tony Hallett / March 14, 2013

Nearly every industry has key performance indicators (KPIs) these days. Some industries are proud to measure, measure, measure, even if that measurement isn’t acted upon. Collective Content (UK) mainly works…

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