11 essential content marketing links from Q1 18

By Tony Hallett / March 28, 2018

A Take on 3 Confusing Terms: Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy This is the kind of foundational piece that everyone in who works with commercial content should read.…

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Why editorial calendars are essential in content marketing

By Aled Herbert / November 22, 2016

This post was first published on 18 July 2014. There are some things you must avoid when producing content – whether that’s in a pure editorial context or for content…

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Got a content team? Doesn’t make you a newsroom

By Tony Hallett / November 17, 2016

This post was first published on 1st November 2013 The trend of the corporate newsroom isn’t going away. In fact, it is becoming more of a thing. This week we…

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What does Collective Content stand for?

By Tony Hallett / October 28, 2015

If you’re thinking of committing to working with us – as a client or a contributor – then, ‘What do they stand for?’ is a totally valid thought. Every company…

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Copywriter v journalist – be sure of the difference

By Aled Herbert / November 10, 2014

In the world of content marketing many of us who hail from a background in journalism, as reporters and editors, can sometimes get a little protective of our territory as…

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Newsrooms aren’t for every brand

By Tony Hallett / February 28, 2013

There has been a lot of hype about brand newsrooms. These are not newsrooms in the old PR sense – where you go to find assets if you’re a journalist,…

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