11 essential content marketing links from Q2 21

By Tony Hallett / July 1, 2021

1. No one likes ads. So let’s do something about it. When Getty Images recently bought stock imagery wunderkind Unsplash, some people were less than happy. But could initiatives like…

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That was not a good hot dog

By Aled Herbert / May 8, 2019

It was the kind of beautiful, clear day when everything seemed just right. My friend and I had been out for a walk, doing a bit of catching up. We…

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Amazon's efficient storytelling

By Tony Hallett / June 21, 2017

It’s been a while since we drilled down on an ad. But Amazon – just as in its core business – has shown incredible efficiency in its series of 30-second…

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Content marketing landmarks: Michelin

By Aled Herbert / October 5, 2016

The Michelin story should inspire any content marketing writer stuck with a brief for a less-than-sexy product. Sure, it’s easy to write sparkling copy to market fast cars, five-star hotels…

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Content Marketing Landmarks: The Furrow

By Aled Herbert / September 28, 2016

‘Content marketing’ is a relatively new term. But although the phrase was first coined in 1996 the idea of brands delivering value, and not just the hard sell, to customers…

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What is brand storytelling? Two answers

By Tony Hallett / November 17, 2015

You’d expect us to know the answer to that, given our tagline is ‘We tell your stories’. And we do know the answer – it’s just that the question is…

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You really don’t want to be calling your client’s PR team – or do you?

By Tony Hallett / June 25, 2015

This might sound crazy. Sometimes we work for clients who don’t tell us much about what they do or when they’re going to do it. If we’re not careful (although…

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Ad blocking – scaring the hell out of some in media and marketing

By Tony Hallett / June 2, 2015

Adblock Plus owner Eyeo last week won the latest in a series of legal showdowns against those who say web users shouldn’t be allowed to use its ad blocking tool.…

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2013? Content marketing? It’s simple…

By Tony Hallett / January 7, 2013

There are plenty of predictions flying about for the year ahead. And nowhere more so than in media and marketing circles. What we’d like to say about content marketing is…

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Content’s secret weapon – shelf-life

By Tony Hallett / June 17, 2012

Question: For how long can you count content as an asset? Answer: Forever. OK, forever is a mighty long time, as someone once said, but you get the point. Recently…

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Spotify striving for advertising without ads

By Tony Hallett / April 24, 2012

Interesting piece today in the consistently good Digiday – Spotify chief revenue officer Jeff Levick was talking about ads on the platform. Or rather, he was talking about working with the…

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