11 essential content marketing links from Q1 20

By Tony Hallett / 01/04/2020

1. What CMOs predict will happen—or keep happening—in 2020 We’re starting with some ‘big picture’ articles. Here’s a snapshot of CMOs being very big picture about the year. 2. 10…

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11 essential content marketing links from Q1 19

By Tony Hallett / 17/03/2019

What CMOs should tell board members (and what boards should be asking) Let’s kick off with some C-suite advice. Trust us, it gets more tactical and advisory from here…  …

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11 essential content marketing links from Q4 18

By Tony Hallett / 20/12/2018

1. ‘You have to have support from the C-suite’: Brands struggle with moving marketing in-house The first of three links from those clever people at Digiday, this piece touches on…

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6 tips for writers pitching editors and agencies

By Tony Hallett / 11/06/2018

Cash for words. That’s the brutal equation of much professional writing. But if you’re a freelancer or moonlighting (hey, it happens) pro writer, how do you start a relationship with…

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One question to ask your would-be content agency

By Tony Hallett / 07/08/2017

Due diligence when choosing any kind of agency – any kind of supplier – probably says: Ask more than one question. (In fact, I know it does.) But what’s the…

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Choosing an agency: Personal chemistry but with due diligence

By Shirley Siluk / 09/02/2017

Marketers these days spend a lot of time thinking about budgets… or, rather, the lack thereof. But you might be surprised to learn that money isn’t the top factor they…

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The ultimate content agency?

By Tony Hallett / 10/01/2017

There’s a question mark at the end of that headline. That’s because over the past few months we wrote several pieces about what to look for in a content agency.…

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How we charge for content

By Tony Hallett / 07/12/2016

Agencies – like some other companies – don’t often talk too loudly or publicly about how they charge what they charge. You know the reasons why. They include not wanting…

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Content Agencies Part 4: What’s your superpower?

By Tony Hallett / 21/11/2016

To any kind of start-up, investors often ask ‘What’s your superpower?’ What they mean is that ideally you need to have something unique and in-demand. Of course you should be…

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Content agencies Part 3: The right model

By Tony Hallett / 02/11/2016

Again we return to the question of ‘What makes a great agency?’ after recommending the best agencies in the content business specialise on content and that they work openly with…

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Content Agencies Part 1: Specialise

By Tony Hallett / 07/10/2016

What follows is controversial to some. The message of this post is: do one thing well. That’s what we believe in, speaking as a content agency. We think it’s good…

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Agency or freelancer(s)?

By Tony Hallett / 16/09/2015

Here’s something we need to make clear straightaway – Collective Content isn’t anti-freelance. The bulk of our writers are freelancers. Using freelances can in certain circumstances absolutely be the right…

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