content creation

You’re gonna need a bigger boat

By Bill Clark / February 28, 2022

As a film buff, I believe there are many valuable life lessons to be learned from the world of cinema. At the risk of biting off more than I can…

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Why Word beats Google Docs for our writers and editors

By Aled Herbert / July 19, 2021

As a content marketing agency, our writers and editors spend a lot of time working in word processors. These tools have come a long way in the last few decades…

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Your key to creativity: Documenting and vulnerability

By Tony Hallett / April 6, 2017

Have you heard about authenticity in your content? It’s been a big theme for a while. But recently at an event I heard Alex Jones from Fjord Trends (part of…

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What we look for when we look for writers

By Tony Hallett / September 6, 2016

I have to admit something. I’m writing this as I’m preparing for a call with a would-be writer for Collective Content. I’m happy he’s calling, don’t get me wrong. He’s…

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Ways to create content

By Tony Hallett / March 2, 2012

This infographic isn’t perfect but for those without a background in content creation it might just be the right catalyst. See what you think…Like this infographic? Get more content marketing…

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