Person looking at a computer screen using ChatGPT (Photo by Viralyft on Unsplash)

3 pros and 3 cons of using GenAI for your content

By Eve Michell / September 27, 2023

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), with the release of ChatGPT in late November 2022, has turned every industry on its head. Overnight, we’ve seen all kinds of AI-related content, tips for…

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Player hand holding gaming controller.

Essential entertainment, media and sports insights from Q4 22

By Aled Herbert / January 26, 2023

1. Technology helps football referees’ decisions, but results can still be offside Technology supplies some but not all of the answers. This seems to be especially true for video assistant…

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Make your brand content ‘Google News’ good

By Tony Hallett / March 30, 2015

How does Google rank branded content? In some cases, the answer is: Very well. This is one reason savvy brands are trying to use it to operate at a level…

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Why every B2B marketer should be using Google+

By Aled Herbert / July 28, 2014

What’s the most popular social media channel B2B marketers are currently using? If you read our recent blog post by Collective Content founder Tony Hallett you’ll know it’s LinkedIn. That’s…

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Should Google News feature brand content?

By Tony Hallett / April 17, 2013

Most of us, whether in journalism or marketing, probably have the same reaction to that question – No. Perhaps that’s because we don’t expect the areas where content is growing…

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Google tells the Cambridge Satchel story

By Tony Hallett / January 9, 2013

Over the past four months you might have seen a TV ad for Google’s Chrome browser featuring a UK-based satchel-maker and seller. In just over a minute it tells the story…

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SEO tips from the experts [infographic]

By Tony Hallett / November 6, 2012

This infograpic caught our eye. On the one hand it’s a great modern take on the vox pop. The guys listed below are all experts on search engine optimisation (SEO)…

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Introducing the new website

By Aled Herbert / July 31, 2012

Let’s be clear, Collective Content’s primary business isn’t web design. Nor is it even provision of content on itself. But that shouldn’t mean we don’t have a decent website.…

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Amazon as social network and content marketing hub

By Tony Hallett / June 17, 2012

There has been a lot of talk over the past year about four stand-out tech and internet companies: Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. (Others reckon IBM deserves inclusion given its…

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How to re-use archive content – 4 tips

By Tony Hallett / June 13, 2012

How should you make the best use of archive content? It’s a question that assumes you have some, for one thing. I was speaking to an old contact this week…

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Collective Content – six-month progress report

By Tony Hallett / June 12, 2012

How are we doing as a business? Pretty well, I’d say, though you’d need to ask our clients. Since this blog kicked off at the start of 2012 I haven’t…

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Marrying ads, search and expert editorial – Google ‘Sonos reviews’

By Tony Hallett / May 21, 2012

Spotted: an interesting ad on London Underground. No, that’s not the end of this post. Sonos, maker of the user-friendly, wallet-unfriendly streaming music systems for the home, has some display…

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