Social media

Amazon as social network and content marketing hub

By Tony Hallett / 17/06/2012

There has been a lot of talk over the past year about four stand-out tech and internet companies: Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. (Others reckon IBM deserves inclusion given its…

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5 things about forward-posting on Twitter

By Tony Hallett / 28/05/2012

Collective Content doesn’t bill itself as a social media expert, certainly not in the sense that it’s a key part of our consulting. (And anyway, is there even such a…

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Marrying ads, search and expert editorial – Google ‘Sonos reviews’

By Tony Hallett / 21/05/2012

Spotted: an interesting ad on London Underground. No, that’s not the end of this post. Sonos, maker of the user-friendly, wallet-unfriendly streaming music systems for the home, has some display…

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Twitter’s weekly newsletter

By Tony Hallett / 16/05/2012

Should Twitter be sending you a newsletter? That’s perhaps a bit like asking whether Tumblr or Facebook should have an editor-in-chief. (FWIW they both do.) The argument against the whole newsletter…

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The only reason you need NOT to kill a corporate blog

By Tony Hallett / 11/05/2012

Short post. We read a brilliant piece today on Windmill Networking by Joel Don entitled Time to Write Off Your Corporate Blog? (post no longer live). You might not guess…

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How to follow events when you're not there

By Tony Hallett / 09/05/2012

Social media has changed the way we attend conferences and other live events. Our ability to share what’s happening and connect with others – whether actually there or not –…

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Blog post written – now do these 12 things

By Tony Hallett / 30/04/2012

Actually, you don’t have to do these dozen things to every post, all the time. But we love this infographic – clarity in a world of cluttered infographics – and…

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Social media policy as infographic –

By Tony Hallett / 18/04/2012

Readers of these pages know we end up mentioning social media policies regularly. We’re even toying with publishing a template. (Let us know if that gets your vote too –…

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Measuring engagement – a dilemma beyond social media

By Tony Hallett / 13/04/2012

When are you most deeply engaged with content? It’s a fine question in and of itself but if you’re a marketer – or specifically someone who measures how effective campaigns…

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of [Social Media] Needs

By Tony Hallett / 13/04/2012

You might well have come across Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. But what if that model could be applied to social media? Take a look at the following infographic: On the…

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Klout, Kred and co – measuring influence

By Tony Hallett / 21/03/2012

Here is a great piece of research by Brian Solis over at Altimeter Group. If you use services such as Klout or PeerIndex to get an idea of how influential…

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