Why editorial calendars are essential in content marketing

By Aled Herbert / November 22, 2016

This post was first published on 18 July 2014. There are some things you must avoid when producing content – whether that’s in a pure editorial context or for content…

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Who are the main publishers’ content studios?

By Tony Hallett / October 10, 2016

Every major publisher has one. Call them studios, call them labs, call them content solutions divisions – actually, don’t call them that – but for a few years now publishers…

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Death of display ads? Never say never

By Tony Hallett / October 6, 2016

This post first appeared on 22 September 2015.  A while back I asked my team at the large online publisher I worked at to imagine how the business would function…

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When content marketing is premium

By Tony Hallett / August 24, 2016

By now you have a good idea of what content marketing is. So what is premium content marketing? The definition isn’t as important as what it tells us about the…

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Brand publishers must overcome barriers to working with PRs – report

By Aled Herbert / March 4, 2015

Every year sees organisations put more effort and budget into brand publishing. But to stand out, to create truly media-grade content, organisations must act like the best journalists. Sometimes that…

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LinkedIn’s big bet on content – and why traditional publishers should be worried

By Aled Herbert / January 22, 2014

If you still think LinkedIn is just a glorified online job centre then it is time to think again. Sure, more than half of its revenues – expected to hit…

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Newsletters – whatever works for you

By Tony Hallett / August 6, 2012

Fresh from sending our own CC:UK email newsletter, it’s no secret that we work with clients on theirs. A lot. The biggest question we’re asked? “What is best practice?” Our…

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New media alert – T-shirts

By Tony Hallett / July 18, 2012

That’s right, T-shirts. Online, outdoor, TV, radio, even print – add to those the humble T-shirt. T-post – or go to – is a wearable magazine. Subscribers get sent…

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Our persona #3: Publishers

By Aled Herbert / July 16, 2012

So far we have explained that our clients can be marketers at larger companies or small business owners. But there is a third major category or persona – media owners.…

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Collective Content – six-month progress report

By Tony Hallett / June 12, 2012

How are we doing as a business? Pretty well, I’d say, though you’d need to ask our clients. Since this blog kicked off at the start of 2012 I haven’t…

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Collectivist #5: He'll help you sell

By Tony Hallett / May 25, 2012

The last Friday of the month means it’s time for another Collective Content recommendation. We take someone we have worked with personally, explain what they do and give an idea…

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5 tips for doing custom content well

By Tony Hallett / May 22, 2012

The way some publishers approach custom content – as a dirty little secret – is regrettable. And I could use a stronger word. True, it is signed off by and…

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