Market research

Don’t let fake stats kill the credibility of your content

By Andy McCue / 15/03/2021

Good numbers and facts are an essential ingredient in most B2B tech marketing content. They help ground often high-level thought leadership concepts in reality. Whether it’s for a white paper,…

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Tech Quarterly: Your new source of curated, high-quality data on AI, IoT, VR, more

By Aled Herbert / 27/05/2020

Have you heard about Tech Quarterly? We’ve just started spreading the word about it on social media and today are excited to introduce you to it properly. It’s a new…

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PR and brand journalists speaking a common language

By Tony Hallett / 24/05/2017

Native advertising is no longer a mystery. And almost everyone in PR knows their ‘brand publication’ from their ‘brand storytelling’ – as you might expect. These are just two of…

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PRs and brand journalists in 2017 – a marriage of convenience?

By Tony Hallett / 21/02/2017

At Collective Content we’re fascinated by how people respond to us doing our job – creating great content for brands that starts conversations. That’s partly because it’s a fast-changing field,…

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A time when PR and content marketing work together…

By Tony Hallett / 05/05/2016

What happens in the long term? What happens when every organisation, not just every agency, is producing meaningful content? It might be useful content, entertaining content or – occasionally –…

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PR’s acceptance of brand content uneven – report

By Tony Hallett / 21/04/2016

PRs are increasingly working with so-called brand journalists, both furthering the influence of their clients and helping those content creators produce higher quality content. Or so you’d think. This year’s…

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PR and brand journalism – an unholy alliance?

By Tony Hallett / 04/02/2016

Last year was the first in which we published groundbreaking research into the changing face of journalism and what that means for PR. This year we’re revisiting that subject. In…

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11 best content marketing links (Q3 15)

By Tony Hallett / 30/09/2015

Lazy Eyes: How we read online (Slate) So let’s start with a must-read. And that’s appropriate because this first post is all about the parts of a page or post (online…

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11 best content marketing links (Q2 15)

By Tony Hallett / 08/06/2015

How PR is seizing the advantage in content marketing (The Drum) We have been making a lot of noise recently about how PR agencies can seize the content marketing opportunity…

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B2B content marketing in Europe – tell us about it

By Tony Hallett / 25/07/2013

How much do you know about B2B content marketing? How much would you like to learn? We, together with our partner Xpointo Media, would like to find out both those…

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Qualitative market research from Collective Content to drive content

By Aled Herbert / 15/04/2013

Do you know what kind of content will drive your business? Collective Content (UK), since we set up almost 18 months ago (does that now make us ancient in content…

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